SiteOne Therapeutics 

SiteOne Therapeutics, headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, was founded with technology invented at Stanford University that represents a potential revolutionary advancement in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. The company’s therapeutic candidates are highly selective sodium ion channel 1.7 (Naᵥ1.7) inhibitors based on naturally occurring small molecules. Given the critical role Naᵥ1.7 plays in the generation and conduction of pain signals, combined with the urgent need for new, non-opioid pain therapies, SiteOne is focused on advancing its lead product for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Additional opportunities with the company’s technology include long-acting analgesics, PET imaging diagnostics for pain and other pain indications. SiteOne owns worldwide development and commercialization rights to its development programs through an exclusive license from Stanford University. Read the press release here.


Submittable, based in Missoula, Montana, and a YCombinator 2012 alum, is the leading SaaS provider of submission management solutions. The company's customers include CBS, The Atlantic, Knight Foundation, Twitter, AirBnB, and thousands of others across multiple verticals. Read the coverage from The Wall Street Journal.


Clearas is the leading provider of advanced, biological-based, water treatment technologies for municipal and industrial point source dischargers. The company's proprietary technology leverages algae's biological benefits in a carefully controlled and continuous flow environment that removes nitrogen, phosphorus and other harmful nutrients found in industrial water discharge and wastewater effluent. Clearas is based in Missoula.


Quiq is the only enterprise-grade solution to connect companies and customers via text messaging. Quiq Messaging seamlessly integrates with existing customer service systems, including Oracle Service Cloud, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Quiq's team has deep experience in customer service software, having previously led the development of RightNow (now known as Oracle Service Cloud). Quiq is backed by Venrock and Next Frontier Capital and is based in Bozeman, MT.


Orbital Shift is a cloud software application that allows employers to create and maintain staff schedules, control labor costs, enhance staff communication and awareness, and provide online time clock and labor reports.  With hundreds of customers, Orbital Shift is a proven leader in meeting the workforce management needs of employers across multiple industries, with 53,864,990 hours recorded to date (as of Nov '16) across 6,965,915 scheduled events.

phoenix labs

Phoenix Labs is a gaming developer founded by three executives who played key roles in the success of Riot Games’ League of Legends; a multi-billion dollar franchise with 70m players at peak and free to play (F2P) model powered by in-game eCommerce. The CEO, Sean Bender, lives full time in Bozeman with his wife and two sons, while his co-founders and the development team are based in Vancouver, BC. Phoenix Labs is launching Dauntless in 2017.

Blackmore Sensors and analytics

Blackmore is a leader in developing compact and robust frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) lidar imaging and its supporting analytic tools software. Blackmore's core technology brings the advanced toolsets of modern radar into the optical domain enabling a new era of unprecedented lidar systems performance. Blackmore's technology is ideal for a variety of intense, mission critical, automotive, military and industrial environments, where common traditional EO/IR sensors and direct detect 3D imagers are limited by cost and performance specifications. Blackmore is located in Bozeman, Montana. For more information visit:


IronCore Labs provides turnkey encryption as a service for cloud applications to increase their sales to companies who demand high levels of security. The Company is a TechStars Boulder '17 alum. 
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OppSource is leading the market in providing a fully integrated sales development software platform that automates the orchestration, delivery, and tracking of multiple channels of sales outreach. Used by industry-leading B2B companies that have or are investing in dedicated sales prospecting teams, OppSource's sales development software provides specialized functionality to help sales teams be up to three times more effective at prospecting and developing sales-ready opportunities. For more information visit:

Ataata - ACquired, MIMECAST (NASDAQ: MIME)

Ataata’s global training platform is revolutionizing the cyber security industry by identifying, scoring and reducing the risks associated with human error in the workplace. Ataata’s intuitive dashboard scores risk, tracks employees' attitudes about security, monitors training performance and shows companies how their workforce stacks up against others in their industry. For more information, visit


At TwinThread we are building the team and creating the technology to enable you to capitalize on the Industrial Internet now – not by changing your people or your culture - by empowering your domain experts to innovate in ways they never knew were possible. We are creating the world's first Digital Innovation Platform that brings together process experts, equipment experts, and data experts in a unique way to rapidly create, validate, and monetize Industrial Internet applications. For more information, visit:


onX delivers the most relevant and rich geospatial data to any device, anywhere. The company aggregates nationwide data on property ownership, trails, permitted land use, and many other parameters. World-class GPS and mapping technologies present customized information to users, tailored to their off-pavement activities and locations. Founder and CEO Eric Siegfried initially launched onX products to hunters, a highly discerning mapping community. Since the Company’s 2009 founding, onX has used hunters’ backcountry experience and feedback to deliver products with ever wider appeal. Hundreds of thousands of customers trust onX to “know where they stand” and to open the off-pavement world to new, successful experiences. Whether they are finding a new hiking destination, a backcountry hunting spot, or an undiscovered fishing hole, onX helps customers create new outdoor experiences. Where the pavement ends, onX begins. For more information visit: or Instagram @onXHunt is the only website performance, scalability, and security platform which gives developers the control they need to achieve unmatched website speed and reliability. Unlike legacy Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), provides a software-defined content delivery solution so developers can easily customize their web performance and security composition. was born out of frustration with legacy CDNs and puts developers back in control of their content delivery solution using open tools in an easy to use interface. Leading websites use to set up a sophisticated reverse proxy layer on a global content delivery network in just a few simple steps.
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MeatEater is a Bozeman-based media and technology company focused on the hunting category. The company was formed in February 2018 through a partnership between The Chernin Group, media personality Steve Rinella, and production company Zero Point Zero. MeatEater is an established brand with proven success in engaging highly passionate fans: a top 10 podcast in the Sports and Recreation category on iTunes as well as multiple seasons of engaging content on Netflix. Steve Rinella is an avid outdoorsman, writer, and television personality best known for his ability to translate the hunting lifestyle to a wide variety of audiences. MeatEater content appeals not just to hunters and anglers but also to those passionate about outdoor recreation, wildlife, and sustainable eating. Subscribe to a variety of engaging content at:


OptioSurgical is a software provider of cost transparency solutions to the healthcare industry. The software allows providers and administrators to achieve quality, cost effective outcomes by tracking orthopedic devices and provides actionable analytics to help manage costs. The core of the Optio solution is a graph-database that tracks millions of orthopedic SKUs and provides construct-level cost comparisons and equivalency analysis, thereby driving significant savings on hardware spend realized by switching SKUs or vendors while ensuring contract compliance and eliminating waste. For more information visit:


PatientOne helps doctors fully prepare patients for surgery using software-based communication tools to ensure better and safer outcomes during traditional pre and post operational protocols.  Patients better understand their upcoming procedures, and doctors and insurers save time and money. Everyone’s risks and costs are reduced by eliminating communication errors and by documenting an audit trail for healthcare service provider-patient communications, while simultaneously activating a Medicare reimbursable expense code for remote patient care.  For more information visit:

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