Resilience and Success

Recently, my good friend and NFC LP, Seth Levine, wrote a blog post on resilience. In his post, he argues that resilience is the most important attribute to entrepreneurial success.

Seth writes,

I don’t hear it talked about much in the context of entrepreneurship, but I think it perfectly captures the combination of the ability to bounce back from the adversity, challenge and failure that goes hand in hand with being an entrepreneur while at the same time recognizing and learning from your mistakes. The best entrepreneurs we work with have an uncanny ability to face challenges head on, recognize where they’ve made mistakes, learn from them and move on. That last part is critical – dwelling on your prior mistakes serves no one, slows you down and makes you less likely to trust your future decisions. Great entrepreneurs learn, bounce back and then go on to the next thing.

At NFC, we agree. Moreover, our logo is inspired by the challenged path to success that often feels more Sisyphean than linear.

The image below - what people think success looks like vs what it really looks like - is the inspiration for our logo and at the heart of our appreciation and respect for the start up journey.

what success looks like

Here is our logo?

Next Frontier Capital Logo

The icon in our logo is a tribute to both the mountains that we call home and the challenged journey requiring grit and persistence that is the path to success. The summit is normally never achieved without a dip(s) that questions the character, strategy, and sanity of the climber.

Here's to resilient entrepreneurs and the companies and culture of grit and persistence that are born in their image. Thanks, Seth, for the post.